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The Breakdown- Apparel development and manufacturing simplified

by Form Department |

Whether you’re an individual looking to make your fashion line a reality, or a large corporation wanting to increase your apparel’s reach, you need to work with a clothing development company to get the best results.

But a lot goes into the apparel development and manufacturing process. Don’t get confused or put off by complicated systems. We’ve broken the apparel development and manufacturing process into six easy steps.

  1. Design conception

Like all innovative ideas, full-service apparel development starts with great design. You approach a production partner with ideas, and we make the plans. This stage of apparel development includes creating concept boards and overall apparel design. We’ll clarify your brand’s message and make sure your identity shines through the cuts, fabric, and other important details that make your apparel unique.

  1. Identifying the target market

Who are you designing for? The first rule of apparel manufacturing is building a product that resonates with your audience. This ensures you’re building high quality, on-brand pieces that customers crave.

  1. Research and analysis

Once we know your design and identify the target market, our development team conducts research and analysis. What are the best methods, fabrics, and cuts for your apparel production?

A full-service apparel development company will run market analysis to see how the design will perform in your target market. This step is crucial to ensuring the design is viable. If not, it’s back to the drawing board until we get it right.

  1. Technical packs

Once the research is complete, it’s time to send specs for apparel manufacturing with something called a technical pack. Technical packs help communicate your designs and specs for manufacturing. This ensures that everything is created exactly as you envisioned, significantly decreasing the chances of error during manufacturing.

Technical packs differ depending on your needs, but the rule of thumb is that they should be as detailed as possible. Clarity ensures your full-service manufacturer creates quality apparel according to your needs.

  1. Sampling

Once a manufacturer receives a technical pack, we don’t just make an entire order of clothes. We need to ensure you’re satisfied with the end product before shipping 1,000 units, after all.

The sampling process is crucial for checking the correct cut, fabric, quality, and more. This quality check gives you the final product that your customers can expect. If you’re not a fan of the samples, that’s okay! Your manufacturer will work with you to correct any issues, and send for updated samples that you’ll love.

  1. Labeling

Once the samples are approved, it’s time to move to the last step of apparel development and manufacturing: labeling.

Your label is not just a tag detailing fabric blends. Your label is your brand. This is the identity you’ll put forward for your customers, whether the pieces will be sold at Little League games or international retail chains. Your production team will help you decide the color, label type, heat transfer options, and the content itself. We typically look to the design phase of apparel development to determine what is on-brand for the labels.

Once you’ve approved your labels, the pieces go into production. The actual process of apparel development can happen pretty quickly, thanks to flexible manufacturing. This complex system allows us to produce small orders with the speed of a mass production system. That means your apparel is in the hands of your target market more quickly and with more accuracy - at a lower cost.

When you partner with a full-service apparel development and manufacturing company, you have a one-stop-shop that helps you get your product to market efficiently. It’s also a perfect way to find an advocate for your brand.

Form Department is here to advocate for you during the apparel development process. We’re a full-service development company that helps everyone from small businesses to enterprises bring their apparel to market with our attention to detail.